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wireless monitoring of the roof construction


Measuring sensors

With the constant observation of the roof construction, S-One, the measuring system, informs about the need for snow removal or any other threat to the facility's structure.

Mobile applications

Use S-One on your phone or tablet. Our mobile application lets you check the warehouse status on the go, wherever you are.

what sets us apart

4x S-One


The sensors network uses industrial standards for wireless communication.


Our analyzes and notifications center protects your business
24 hours a day.


Our specialists deploy sensors in strategic locations.


Designed to safeguard your premises cost effectively

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Snow on the roof is a big cost and risk.
S-One solves this problem for us.

see how it works

Patented measurement methodology

Monitoring in your pocket

Every employer can track load on the roof and react to secure you facility.

TEXT & email notifications

You get notified immediately via SMS and email when level of displacement change. Levels are defined by structure designer.

Planning and forecast

All measurement data are stored for later inspection for any authority. Charts let you plan next snow removal action. Easy interface get you fast access to all data about current live load in all controll points.

smart networks

S-One operation principles

S-One target board

Patented target board, with 45 degree slop angle let us measure horizontal distance and calculate the vertical displacement.

Wireless network

Each warehouse is analyzed by our specialists. The result of their work forms the network design of measurement points to ensure the safety of the facility at any time of the year.

Sensors placement

Sensors are placed in key construction points. We set relationship between the construction elements to more precisely evaluate the situation.

Artiom Komardin

Depreciation of S-One costs take less then
21 months.

snow load monitoring


Why monitoring S-One

Continuous monitoring of the construction is

  • Safety warranty to people and structures
  • Optimal snow removal based on the current load condition and forecast
  • Full cost control of snow removal

What is a sensor S-One

We use wireless sensors that

  • works for many years on a single battery
  • build a smart network
  • measure the deflection of the entire roof structure using a laser

How to order S-One

We provide measuring systems in 4 easy steps

  • tailored & custom offer
  • installation project
  • delivery and installation
  • staff training